Be a part of expertree:


Bachelor or Master Thesis:

Concept and development of a full end to end digital platform for professional services


About us

Why are we doing what we do? We have fun at work. Our drive is an ongoing thirst for knowledge and its practical application. We want to fulfill our mission: to make project success repeatable. Therefore, we also see ourselves as a consulting boutique in which we all know each other, respect each other and help each other. Knowledge exchange is not just lived reality, it is a basic value of our work and our company.


Our clients are companies from a variety of industries that value our expertise, commitment and approach.


We build the new age digital platform for professional IT and consulting services - you can be part of it:


We offer companies and consultants a quick, easy, transparent market place to meet and match supply and demand. It is a full digital end to end chain from registration, offering, matching, contracting to clearing and settlement. Companies can satisfy their quick and urgent demands, easy contracting in hours instead of time and resource consuming negotiations which may need weeks. The solution is a premium service market, highly competitive, transparent, has low transaction costs and therefor it is highly beneficial for all participants.


To support us with your bachelor or master thesis you should have knowledge or the ability to quickly make yourself familiar with:


  • State of the art web technologies

  • Databases and app development

  • Base knowledge about IT securitiy

Your profile

  • You are creative, innovative, powerful and are keen on developing new digital solutions

  • You want to dive into electronic signature, smart workflows, approval flows and payments

  • You are highly motivated and working indepently are only two of your strengths

  • You are fluent in English, German is an advantage

What we offer to you

expertree is a young Start-Up – which is also lived like that.

We offer you:


  • We provide broad experience in consulting and marketing and help you getting a champion understanding and inventing digital solutions based on customer or market needs.

  • Flat hierarchies, because working with us as equals is one of the essential and most important components.

  • A lived knowledge management, which you share with us.

  • A tablet computer to work on your thesis remote.

  • Team spirit is our priority: a close exchange with each other together with our regular team activities and the at least once a year team offsite is the norm and not the exception.


We would be more than happy to support your thesis.


Your contact:

Tina Köhler