Learn Communication & Persuasion

Skills from a hostage negotiator


Richard Mullender

"It's not life or death." It's a usual phrase, a reminder to keep things in proportion. But some situations are life or death. Take hostage negotiation (Richard Mullender's key discipline) or talking someone off a bridge. Whether working with the Taliban, would-be suicides or jilted husbands, Mullender has been guided by one rule.

The more you can get someone to talk, the more they'll give themselves away.

Imagine you shared Mullender's life or death listening skills. That you knew how to keep someone talking. Without them being aware that you were contributing remarkably little to the conversation. That - equally important - you knew precisely what to listen for. And finally that you could use your new knowledge to communicate on a subliminal level. And as a result, you could influence where it mattered most. Think of these benefits for you and your career. For your relationships, professional and personal.

You will be able to do exactly that. No conversation will ever sound the same again!

Life or Death Negotiation Skills?

After military service and time in the private sector, Mullender became a detective with the Metropolitan police, investigating serious crimes. Then one life-changing day he trained to become a hostage negotiator. His skills were so well regarded that he was appointed Lead Trainer at Scotland Yard's National Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Unit.

Training for law enforcement agencies including

  • Scotland Yard Crime Academy

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

  • South African Directorate of Special Operations (The Scorpions)

  • Police forces in Brazil, the Philippines and Cyprus

Advising international government bodies including

  • The United Nations

  • The World Foold Programme (consultant to the Head of Security)

  • The Maltese Government

  • The Indian secret services

Coaching for the public and private sector include Accor Hotels, BNP Paribas, Cambridge University, Leeds University, Oracle, SAS, Shell

Program Day 1 - Communication

  • Communication myths and how they can undermine you

  • Active Listening

    • Master the ABC of questioning techniques

    • Get information without asking questions

    • Listen with heightened awareness & know what to listen for

  • Interpret the true significance of what’s being said

  • Exploit social and conversational conventions to max your influence

  • Deal with challenging people

Program Day 2 - Persuasion

  • Amplify the power of your language

  • Build and gain trust and Rapport

  • Plan and prepare like a hostage Negotiator

  • Prepare and rehearse opening lines

  • Avoid the 5 dumbest things you can say

  • Employ a magic word to take the heat out of any negotiation

  • Position a course of action

  • Put together a first class negotiation team

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Mo, 27th + Tue, 28th November 2017 at the Mövenpick Hotel, Den Haager Strasse 5 in Frankfurt am Main

Early Bird (registration & payment by 28th July) = 800€ (+ VAT)

Everyone thereafter = 990€ (+ VAT)

(Price includes coffee breaks and lunch)

16-18 as this topic benefits from a small group size

Having a skill very few people have and using it to communicate to your advantage

1. to be entertained

2. to be challenged

3. to learn a lot of new stuff

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